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Our courses and Advanced tests

How do I become an Advanced Driver or Advanced Rider?
What do I get for my £175 course fee?
How can I book my Advanced test?
Where do I meet the Observer/Examiner?
Will I use my own vehicle?
Can I retake my Advanced test?
Is there a theory test?
What’s the difference between IAM RoadSmart’s courses and RoSPA’s?
What comes after Advanced Driver or Rider?
Can I take the test without help from a local group?
What happens if my course is inside the ULEZ zone?

IAM RoadSmart membership

How do I become a member?
What are the benefits of becoming a member?
Will I get cheaper insurance?
Where’s my membership number?
How do I login to my online account?
Can I rejoin if my membership has lapsed?

Renewing your IAM RoadSmart membership

How do I renew my membership?
Do I need to renew my local group membership as well?

Our local group network

How do I find local group?
What does a local group do?
Do I have to join a local group?
How can I get more involved in my local group?