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At IAM RoadSmart, we want to help you be the safest on the road that you can possibly be. Through our variety of courses and membership options, we aim to provide you with the knowledge to become a skilful driver or rider. We also welcome professional motorists from all walks of life, including the emergency services, to join us through Membership by Exemption.

By joining us, you are not only improving your own skill set, but contributing to the overall aim of keeping UK roads as safe as possible. So, whether you are looking to get more out of your vehicle, learn skills from the police handbook, or have on-road fear you wish to conquer, we want to help you to achieve those goals.

Whether you’re an existing member, or completely new to us, take our interactive quiz below and let us find the right course or membership option for you, or view our most popular courses.

The Start of Your Journey…

Our interactive quiz is an excellent way to find the course or membership option that is best for you. Simply answer a few questions about your current situation and we will determine the best fit for you:

Our Most Popular Courses

JLP IAM RoadSmart Observer

Advanced Driver Course

Our Advanced Driver course will give you additional on-road knowledge and skills, above and beyond what is taught when you learn to drive.

JLP IAM RoadSmart Observer

Advanced Rider Course

What does becoming a more skilful rider mean to you? Better road positioning? Enhanced observation skills? Or simply greater bike control?

JLP IAM RoadSmart Observer

Mature Driver Review

Our Mature Driver Review is a relaxed, 1-hour session. Having your driving skills periodically reviewed helps to keep you and your passengers safe.


“Absolutely excellent course for improving your skills and safety on the road, observers are knowledgeable friendly and approachable, can’t fault any of it and would 100% recommend to new and experienced riders.” – Lorraine, Advanced Rider

“I lost confidence mainly because I drove very little during the COVID pandemic. Then I got a speeding ticket and I thought I should get my overall driving assessed. It was very useful and the trainer was very friendly!” – Jane, Mature Driver

“A very worthwhile experience. I did my advanced bike test several years ago and doing my car test has refreshed my observation and driving skills.” – John, Advanced Driver