IAM RoadSmart Masters


The IAM RoadSmart Masters standard offers the ultimate challenge for civilian drivers and riders.

Open to all current IAM RoadSmart members, our Masters programme provides true one-to-one mentoring support and guidance that will help you to attain the highest standard of civilian driving or riding ability in the country. There are no exemption qualifications to our Masters standard. On completion of the Masters programme, your name will be entered into the Masters Register.

Masters candidates are expected to travel to test locations as tests are not conducted in an area local to the candidate. Travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the candidate.

Building on your skills as an existing advanced road user, the Masters programme will help to enhance and develop your ability even further in the following areas:

  • Applying cornering principles
  • Assessing, planning and executing safe overtaking manoeuvres
  • Recognising opportunities to make safe progress (within the speed limits)
  • Improving observation, anticipation and awareness consistent with vehicle speed
  • Applying sound judgement of speed and distance
  • Delivering a fluent, relevant and continuous commentary
  • We recommend that potential motorcycle Masters candidates read the Full Control document first.

How to become an IAM RoadSmart Master

Masters is a challenging standard that is only available to current full IAM members. Non-members must either join us via exemption or pass our advanced test before commencing a Masters course. A Masters qualification lasts for five years before a re-qualification is required.

Become an IAM RoadSmart Master

Below is a list of the Masters course options. Please read through each one and decide the route which is right for you.

Master Driver or Rider - Taster Session (one hour plus) - £89

The perfect way to have your current skills assessed versus our Masters standard before committing to the full course. Spend an enjoyable hour or two driving or riding with one of our mentors alongside you. Receive a focused summary of how you performed and your current skill levels in relation to our Masters standard.

Master Driver or Rider - Full Course with six mentoring sessions - £299

The full course including personal logbook, dedicated mentor, six mentored sessions and Masters test including extensive written report and feedback. Success will mean we award you Master status and includes the beautiful and coveted Masters membership card and certificate.

Master Driver or Rider - Three 'top-up' sessions (if required) - £75

For those drivers or riders who may need some additional mentoring sessions we offer a convenient package of three additional sessions with your mentor. These can be purchased at any time and your mentor will discuss with you if they feel they are necessary.

Master Driver or Rider - Retest (if required) - £149

In the unlikely event of a Masters test fail then a retest can be booked. Your mentor will advise you of the areas for development. The retest itself does not include additional mentoring but you can purchase a top-up package. Again your mentor will help and advise you.

Master Driver or Rider - Re-qualification (5 yearly) - £149

The Masters qualification is valid for five years at which time we will invite you to book your re-qualification test with us. The re-qualification test does not include any mentored sessions. Again a top-up or taster package may provide the reassurance and guidance needed to re-qualify. Re-qualification tests are free for our current Masters Mentors.

To purchase our Masters course please call 0300 303 1134

The prices shown have been updated and are valid from April 2022.