On-Road Modules.

Boost your confidence, improve your skills.

While many drivers consider themselves generally confident and capable behind the wheel, there may be some areas in which they might need a knowledge or confidence boost.

Our on-road modules are short, 75-minute sessions which have been designed to give you the support you need in areas of driving that you find most challenging.

We offer support in seven key areas of driving, from motorways to parking and manoeuvring, and each module has been created with all driving abilities in mind.



How it works…

1: Book online

Book your course online and we’ll pair you with one of our friendly
local experts.


2: Meet your trainer

Our trainer will meet you at a time and place that’s convenient for you, just let them know.


3: Boost your skills

In your own vehicle, you’ll spend time out on local roads developing your driving skills.



One-to-one coaching in seven key areas…

On-road Module - Country Roads

Driving on Country Roads

With higher speed limits, tractors, blind bends and animals, you can never be sure what you’re going to find around the next corner on a country road. Our course will teach you the best ways to anticipate and deal with these hazards and many more.


On-road Module - Managing Distractions

Managing Distractions

Driver distractions can come in many forms and, by their very nature, they usually happen when you’re least expecting them. Our course teaches the techniques to train your brain to shut out distractions and remain focused on the road ahead at all times.


On-road Module - Managing Speed

Managing Speed

Our managing speed course has been designed to give you the skills you need to effectively monitor and control your speed while driving. It’s not always going slower, we’ll also teach you how to safely use speed more appropriately and effectively.


On-road Module - Parking and Manoeuvring

Parking and Manoeuvring

Do you find it sometimes takes you more than one go to parallel park? Or maybe you lack confidence reversing into tight spaces? With this module, our expert can help you avoid those scrapes and scratches by topping up your parking and manoeuvring skills.


On-road Module - Driving in Towns

Driving in Towns

Filled with all types of road users, towns and cities are where the action is. Not surprisingly, it’s also where traffic collisions can often occur. Our one-to-one coaching will give you the confidence to take different urban situations calmly in your stride.


On-road Module - Managing Overtaking

Managing Overtaking

Safe overtaking is not just about patience and good judgement; it’s also about understanding that different road types and conditions that require you to react differently. Our expert will use an easy-to-follow set of guidelines to teach you just that.


On-road Module - Motorway Driving

Motorway Driving

Motorway driving requires a unique set of skills to keep you safe, especially with the addition of Smart Motorways. The session will provide the perfect confidence boost for new drivers or those who just find that life in the fast lane can be a little intimidating.


"The entire experience has been nothing less than exceptional. Friendly, knowledgeable and really approachable - nothing is too much trouble. I can’t recommend IAM RoadSmart enough."

IAM RoadSmart On-road Module Customer, 2021