Our Strategy

Becoming a force for good and making roads safer for all

At IAM RoadSmart we make better drivers and riders. As the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, we're focused on becoming a force for good and want to continue to make the roads a safer place across the UK. We envisage a society where all road users can safely and sustainably use the highways together. We've already made great headway with much more to come.



Our Strategic Pillars


Growing Our

Increasing Our

Developing Our Community

Promoting Our Charity


Digital To The Core


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Our Values and Behaviours

Our five core values are:



We champion sustainability and making a positive and enduring difference.


Innovative & Bold

We seize opportunities to innovate, and gain commitment to new ways of working.



We do what we say we will and act with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.



We work hard and love what we do.



We respect and value our colleagues and stakeholders of all backgrounds.


What we're doing to support our 3 year strategy

Our strategic pillars give an overview to what we're currently doing to help get us closer to making all UK road users safer and support our vision.

Growing Our Brand

We place road safety at the heart of all we do elevate our policy and campaigning activity to make impact on road safety issues in the UK address challenges such as static road death numbers and the evolution of on road and in-vehicle technology.

What we've achieved so far:


A total of 3,274media mentions

Achieved a total of 2,115 online mentions

402 broadcast appearances and/or mentions

372 print mentions.


Increasing Our Skills

We will make road safety skills and education up to date, relevant and accessible to all diversify and refresh educational tools and products to engage existing and new audiences reflect new road safety challenges, embracing new learning styles and technologies, engaging with those who put the most drivers and riders on the road and those who use the road for a living.
We help people to continue growing their on-road skillset to ensure that you remain safe and confident for life.

Provide regular Hints and Tips to give you additional on-road knowledge and skills

We have brilliant volunteers, who help drive our road safety courses. Find out how you can get involved here.

Video Guidance and Tips that showcase a whole variety of different situations you may encounter on the roads

We’ve got some great downloadable Posters as reminders to keep you safe on the road

Developing Our Community

We will support an increasingly diverse community of road safety experts across the UK be inclusive, recognising those that have passed the advanced test demonstrate the highest level of skill that is up-to-date and relevant, as well as those that choose not to take the advanced test but still have a passion and interest in road safety. Alongside providing support to enable our community to ensure it is sustainable and that it can continue to deliver key services.

We support people living with disabilities such as dyspraxia to give you the freedom and additional on-road knowledge, skills and confidence to drive or ride.

We celebrate events such as Armed Forces Day. Find out more here.

Video Skills Days offering riders and drivers a rare chance to develop their skills with qualified instructors.

Our Autumn Forums where our members meet our Senior Leadership Team and find out more about exciting projects we’ve got coming up

Promoting Our Charity

We will be well-run and sustainable, supported by effective leadership, governance, systems, and infrastructure. We’ll monitor effective stewardship of resources and assets to ensure the charity has an impact on improving road safety. We will also:

Progress and deliver of our 3-year strategy challenging what we do, and how we do it.

Good corporate governance that creates transparent rules and controls, provides guidance to our Senior Team, and aligns the interests of shareholders, directors, management, and employees.

Evolve of a company culture that brings staff, volunteers, and members operating under shared values, attitudes, and behaviours

Digital To The Core

We will transform using best-in-show technology to support our growth and diversification ambitions and continuously measure our progress and deliverables. Work with IT experts, providers, and originators to adopt and apply tried and tested, ‘plug and play’ market solutions in delivering for our customers and members. We're currently progressing:

Ongoing workshops to support our Local Groups

Developing an e-Learning platform

Offering training sessions and encouraging attendance of webinars to up-skill staff

Continuing to research the best digital platforms to offer the best experience online


We strive for the best

We recognise and celebrate the significant support of our volunteers and local groups.

Members of our community have a significant impact on the delivery of our purpose: making roads safer for all. We are passionate about highlighting this impact and showing appreciation to the hard work of our volunteers and supporters.

IAM RoadSmart Observer Talking Through The Course Logbook


We work with partners who share our passion for improving the skills and safety of drivers and riders

We’re passionate about improving the skills of others and making UK roads safer. This wouldn’t be possible without the great work of our charity and business partners, all of which share in our passion for improving the skills and safety of drivers and riders.

IAM RoadSmart Observer Talking Through The Course Logbook
IAM RoadSmart Observer Talking Through The Course Logbook

Supporting partners include

Mental Health Motorbike

Mental Health Motorbike (MHMotorbike), a charity dedicated to providing mental health support and a safe place for people in need, is training bikers in the adult mental health first aid course and aiming to build the country’s first free dedicated support network for bikers across the country.


IAM RoadSmart has joined up with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to offer their member community of 85,000 automotive professionals discounted road safety courses and coaching. Learn more about the IMI


Our Advanced Test for drivers and riders is quality assured by the DVSA, meaning the training our members and associates receive is always up to highest standard. Discover our courses.