Young Driver Assessment

Young Driver Assessment
  • Boost your driving skills and confidence
  • Focus on areas of driving that matter to you
  • Put the fun into driving
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Course overview

Our Young Driver Assessment is a relaxed, 1-hour session specifically designed for drivers aged 17-26.

We’ve created an enjoyable and supportive Young Driver Assessment to give you additional knowledge and skills to make the most of your new-found freedom.

Whether you want to learn how to get more out of your car or want guidance on a specific area of driving (like motorways or parallel parking) our experts can help.

Is this course right for me?

As a new driver, the skills you learnt to pass your test will continue to grow over time. Whether you’re driving friends around, or taking a road trip you’ve been planning, you’re likely to be challenged by new environments and scenarios. 

That’s where our course can help. There’s no scary test to pass or examiner watching your every move, our expert will give you a few pointers about how to take your driving skills to that next level and get the most out of those new experiences.

What can I expect?

The first thing to know is that this isn’t a driving lesson, and there’s no test to pass or fail. After you book your course, you’ll go out in your own car with our trainer and together you’ll look and talk about your driving style.

Before you start, you can also bring up the areas where you’d like particular help. So if motorways are bugging you, or you just can’t get the hang of parking, now is the time to ask for some advice.

Even if you’re a great driver, our expert has a fountain of Advanced Driving knowledge they can offer you, so feel free to ask them about advanced techniques and how to use them.

After your course, you’ll receive written and verbal feedback to take away. Our expert will share lots of tips with you, and we hope that the advice you’re given will help to boost your skills and make you a more confident driver.

Looking to gift this course to a friend or family member? 

Treat a young driver you know to a Young Driver Assessment where they can build on the skills they developed when learning to drive.

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Control your car better and with more skill

Tackle new driving situations with confidence

Refresh your skills after passing your test

Get rid of those driving nerves

Learn hints and tips from a driving expert

Prove your driving skills to others


1. Purchase your course and receive an email confirmation

2. You’ll be paired with one of our experts who will be in touch

3. Agree a time and a place to start your course that suits you

4. Go for your drive and demonstrate your skills

5. Receive written and verbal feedback that’s personal to you


Anxious driver?

Driving anxiety is extremely common, especially in new and younger drivers who may struggle with a lack of experience. In a recent survey by Nissan, 23% of drivers said they were anxious about using motorways, and 39% felt scared or uncertain behind the wheel in general.

There’s no individual reason why some of us develop a fear of driving, but some of the most common triggers include fear of authority and on-road incidents, and past experiences.

While a one-to-one course may be daunting, it can help you to overcome your fears in a relaxed and calm environment – plus you’ll have a driving expert there to give you guidance and tips on how to be a safer and more confident driver. 

Further Training

If you’re looking to go even further with your driver training, our Advanced Courses may be right for you. You’ll learn advanced skills and work towards earning your Advanced Driving qualification, you can even become an Observer and help to coach others.

Sound good? Find out more.