IAM RoadSmart makes better riders and drivers. As well as training and education, we provide advice and publish research into driver behaviour and a range of other road safety issues.

  • 2021 Driving Culture Survey Small

    Driving Safety Culture Survey 2021

    This is our seventh annual report on the opinions, attitudes and behaviour of British drivers, showing that the main worries of British drivers have remained remarkably consistent over time – even during the recent pandemic. With 2000 respondents this is one of the biggest annual opinion surveys on road safety run in the UK

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  • IAM RoadSmart Older Drivers 2021 Thumbnail

    Older Drivers 2021

    More and more Britons are living longer and healthier lives but, as this report finds, the car is still by far the most popular transport option for them and one they are not keen to give up. This report looks at the attitudes of older drivers regarding themselves, their peers, and ways to increase the safety of older drivers.

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  • 20mph research report thumbnail

    Drivers opinions' of 20mph speed limits

    This is the second report conducted by IAM RoadSmart on UK motorists' attitudes towards 20mph limits and road safety. This survey was first carried out in 2014 and this report is a repeat of the survey conducted in April 2021 and includes statistically valid differences from the previous survey.

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  • IAM RoadSmart Research Report_Driving Safety Culture Survey_2020

    Driving Safety Culture 2020

    IAM RoadSmart’s sixth annual Safety Culture Survey explores the opinions, attitudes and behaviours of UK drivers and specifically examines changing concerns over time. The 2020 survey shows that, even in a year dominated by COVID-19, drivers still felt concerned over key threats to their safety when out on the road. In this year's report, potholes are considered the biggest growing issue compared to three years ago, with driver distraction and traffic congestion close behind.

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  • Evaluation of Advanced Motorcycling 2020_Cover

    Evaluation of Advanced Motorcycling 2020

    IAM RoadSmart's new study has found that motorcyclists who have taken the Advanced Rider course have safer attitudes on the roads and are involved in fewer collisions per mile than riders who have not completed advanced rider coaching. Conducted by leading research company Agilysis, the survey of c. 1,300 riders, including IAM RoadSmart members and non-advanced qualified motorcyclists, also revealed that advanced riders are more aware of the limitations of other drivers and riders and are therefore more likely to show consideration for their fellow road users. You can read the full findings by clicking on 'More information' below.

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  • IAM RoadSmart_Driving Safety Culture Survey Cover

    Driving Safety Culture Survey 2019

    IAM RoadSmart’s fifth annual Safety Culture Survey examines the attitudes and concerns of UK drivers, tracked year-on-year to monitor change. The 2019 survey shows that, for the fifth year running, drivers' biggest concerns are congestion and the danger of distraction when phones are used behind the wheel.

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  • IAM RoadSmart TRL Simulator Study_Infotainment_March 2020_Final_Cover

    Infotainment - The Impact of interacting with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay when driving

    Worrying results from a new study by road-safety charity IAM RoadSmart released today show that the latest in-vehicle infotainment systems, which are designed to improve road safety, are failing and are in fact impairing reaction times behind the wheel – even more so than alcohol and cannabis use.

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  • Safety report 2

    Driving Safety Culture Survey 2018

    IAM RoadSmart’s fourth annual Safety Culture Survey examines the attitudes and concerns of UK drivers, and has found once again that their biggest worries revolve around the many uses that people have developed for smartphones when they should be driving.

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  • Capturyoung novice drivers collision types

    Young Novice Driver Collision Types

    A new report by the UK’s leading road safety charity IAM RoadSmart and TRL into crashes involving young drivers has concluded that they need to learn quicker how to avoid crashes with the most vulnerable users on our roads.

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  • driving safety culture report

    Driving Safety Culture Survey 2017

    IAM RoadSmart’s third annual Safety Culture Survey which examines the attitudes and concerns of UK drivers, has found that for the third year running their biggest worries are people updating social media or sending text messages while driving, drink or drug driving and mobile phone use.

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  • The battle for attention

    The battle for attention

    Driver distraction is a contributory factor among many vehicle collisions. But what are the factors responsible and how do they impact the behaviour of different road users?

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  • new report

    Evaluating the costs of incidents from the public sector perspective

    Our new report, Evaluating the costs of incidents from the public sector perspective, is the first attempt to update the formula for death and injury cost figures since the 1990’s. It is also the first time anyone has highlighted the costs to the public sector of crashes involving some of the highest at-risk road user groups: young and mature drivers, people driving for work and motorcyclists.

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  • Older Drivers safe & mobile 1

    Keeping Older Drivers Safe and Mobile: A Survey of Older Drivers

    Dr. Carol Hawley of the University of Warwick has surveyed more than 2,600 drivers and former drivers to gain fresh insights on their opinions, habits and motoring history.

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  • Cognitive behavioural therapy

    Cognitive behaviour therapy - a stress buster for motorcyclists?

    How can cognitive behavioural therapy help to protect motorcyclists on the road.

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  • mobile phone 1

    Don't Poke me I'm Driving!

    IAM RoadSmart commissioned the simulator experts at TRL to study the effect on driving of smartphone use

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  • safety culture report 16

    IAM RoadSmart Safety Culture Survey 2016

    IAM RoadSmart’s Safety Culture Survey was produced for the first time last year, and looks at UK motorists’ safety attitudes and behaviour and has just been updated for 2016.

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  • Country Lane 2

    Evaluation of Advanced Driving

    We commissioned independent researchers Hopkin and Sykes to carry out an Evaluation of Preparation for the IAM Advanced Driving Test. They analysed survey results from over 2,500 members and held discussions with selected participants. Nearly all felt, safer, more confident and enjoyed their motoring more after the course.

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  • elderly gentleman

    The ageing process and driver safety

    This study was commissioned from TRL and used their world renowned simulator technology to answer the question - why do older drivers have more 'failed to look' crashes?

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  • elderly-driver_2164765k

    Older drivers - safe or unsafe?

    Older drivers are one of the safest groups on our roads but government policy needs to be reviewed to deal with the ever increasing numbers. Over the next 30 years the number of over 70s will increase substantially, as will those driving – the number of male drivers over 70 on the roads will double, and the number of women drivers will treble.

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  • young driver image1

    IAM novice driver market research 2007

    A market research survey of the young driver market

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