Become an
IAM RoadSmart Observer


Are you passionate about encouraging your local community to become better and safer drivers and riders? Or maybe you remember how great it felt when you passed your Advanced test? With your skills and experience you can pass on this feeling and support to others!

Become an Observer and help welcome many more into the IAM RoadSmart community. Through this volunteer role, you’ll provide the one-to-one observed drives or rides and play a key part in helping Associates pass their Advanced test. It’s a great feeling when they pass!

You’ll meet a range of people all with a shared interest of better motoring and be able to adapt the sessions around your lifestyle.



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How you’ll do it

You'll go through a training programme which includes an on-road assessment with an IAM RoadSmart Assessor. Upon completion, you’ll be awarded your Observer certificate which is a qualification recognised by the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry).

Not only that, every 5 years you will be re-tested ensuring your skills are kept up to standard. You’ll complete your Observer training within 12 months, and will be fully supported by your Local Group as you work towards achieving the qualification.



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What it takes

  • You’ll need to be a full IAM RoadSmart member
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A passion to help others develop their skills
  • Be keen to encourage others to join the IAM RoadSmart community, and support the charity's goals and objectives 




It doesn’t need to stop there!

Becoming an Observer opens you up to many more opportunities to take you through your IAM RoadSmart journey. These opportunities include:

  • Go on to be a Masters Mentor, Examiner or National Observer assessor
  • Becoming a Skills Day instructor
  • Or even become a future Area Service Delivery Manager!

Grow your community and share that great feeling of Advanced Driving and Riding!


How to become an Observer...

If you're thinking of becoming an Observer, we'd love to hear from you. The first stage in the process is to contact your IAM RoadSmart Group, either car or motorcycle, using the link to the group directory below. You’ll need to call or email them and provide them with the following information:

  • Name and address
  • Phone and email contact details
  • IAM RoadSmart membership number
  • Any relevant experience or qualifications (not essential)

Remember how you felt when you passed your Advanced test? By becoming an Observer, you’ll play a pivotal role in helping others to develop their advanced skills, and will help them to gain their own Advanced driver or rider status. Click below to find your local group contact details:

Find your local IAM RoadSmart group and send them your details


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Observer Testimonial: Reem

“I’ve met some nice people and spent a lot of time with them, so it’s enjoyable to stay within the group by being an Observer. When you're training you're tested by really amazing drivers so it’s great to be part of that group also.

You give up your own time, which is not a problem as associates generally can accommodate a mix of times. It’s nice to see more ladies joining the group! And if some of those ladies would stay as well, like I did, that would be even better.

Being an Observer is an accomplishment!”


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Observer Testimonial: Tim

“It’s a hugely rewarding role. Despite coming to motorcycling very late in life I have thoroughly enjoyed all the various training roles that exist with IAM RoadSmart.

I would encourage anyone who is an Advanced Rider, with good interpersonal and communication skills and can spare some time, to approach their local group and get involved with Observer training.

You will engage and influence riders who want to make a positive change towards road safety. It’s never too late to start, and my advice to anyone considering the role is GET INVOLVED"