Driver Assessment Gift Voucher

Driver Assessment Gift Voucher
  • Easy to purchase and give to your loved one as a present
  • Fun, informal session with 1-2-1 advice
  • Help them stay safe on the road
  • Perfect way to boost confidence where needed
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Course overview

What makes this the perfect gift?

Our Driver Assessment Gift Voucher is a great way to show someone that you care about their safety and confidence on the road.

This relaxed session is perfect for a wide variety of drivers. They could have recently had a near-miss and want to get their confidence back, they may have just bought a new car? Or got a new job that means they'll be spending more time on the road?

Whether they have been driving for years or have only just passed their test, this relaxed assessment will teach them useful tips and techniques to improve their driving skills and help keep them safe and on the road.

What can they expect?

There is no test to pass and no pressure – it is an evaluation without formality, an assessment that puts the recipient at ease, and one which most people find thoroughly enjoyable as well as educational.

The drive is taken in the recipient's own car and the voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. We will send you the voucher so that you can pass it on to with your own personal message.


Help someone to get more from their driving

They will learn important new safety skills

Easy and inexpensive gift

Our qualified experts help build confidence

Just one to two hours to measure their skills

Cover all kinds of road and traffic scenarios

Direct feedback and a full report

Fun, useful and no test to pass


Buy a gift voucher to start the process

Valid for 12 months. (Please note this can take up to two weeks to arrive from the date of purchase)

Easy to book

Recipient can book easily when it suits them

Demonstrate their skills in a 1-2-1 drive

They will be observed during a one to two hour drive

Receive full verbal and written personal feedback

They will benefit from detailed feedback and guidance.