Managing Distractions

Managing Distractions
  • Improve your knowledge
  • Learn important skills to stay safe on the road
  • 75-minute on-road module
  • One-to-one training
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Course overview

Why should you take it?

Driver distractions can come in many forms and, by their very nature, they usually happen when you’re least expecting them.

They can be inside the car in the form of passengers, pets, loud music, mobile phones, satnav directions and snacks.

Or it can be something outside that suddenly attracts your attention: unusual sights, rapid movement, loud noises or, the biggest bugbear of all for most of us, other road users driving erratically.

However, a few simple techniques can help you train your brain to shut out distractions and remain focused on the road ahead at all times.

What can you expect?

This enlightening 75-minute session provides you with one-to-one on-road training with an IAM RoadSmart expert. You will learn effective ways to expect the unexpected and ignore anything that could take your attention away from the road.

You will also discover how to drive in a proactive manner, carry out early observations and develop a system to take in and process information in the safest way possible.

Delivered in your own car at the time and place that suits you best, the session will equip you with the know-how and skills to handle potential distractions with confidence and quiet efficiency.

These new learnings will help keep you and your fellow road users safe the next time something unexpected catches your eye.


Learn from a friendly and supportive IAM RoadSmart expert

Pick up tips that will help make you a safer driver

Train your brain to process information in a different way

Add a valuable new skill to your driving repertoire

Help yourself become the best driver you can be


Purchase your module and arrange a session to suit you

Our customer care team will assign you an instructor and contact you to arrange a suitable time and place for your session.

Meet your instructor and prepare for your drive

You will attend the session in your own vehicle. Every on-road session begins with essential eyesight and vehicle checks. And don't forget your driving licence! 

Take to the road for your module session

Your instructor will take you to an area appropriate for the module subject and observe your driving, identifying areas of focus and offering helpful hints.


Discussion of your areas for development, and tips on how you can improve your skills