Managing Speed

Managing Speed
  • Improve your knowledge
  • 75-minute on-road module
  • One-to-one training with a driving expert
  • Learn practical tips and safety skills
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Course overview

Being aware of your speed, complying with speed limits and driving at an appropriate speed for the road, weather and traffic conditions can be very challenging, especially when you’re in unfamiliar territory. There are other reasons why you may sometimes drive too fast: are you running late? Are you unaware of the speed limits? Are you feeling tired or preoccupied? Inappropriate speed is thought to be a factor in around a third of all road incidents, and penalties for exceeding the speed limit, even unintentionally, can be severe and impact heavily on your life.

Vehicle speed has a direct bearing on stopping distances and force of impact, meaning that speed can contribute to both the likelihood, and severity, of collisions. Wet roads, poor visibility, heavy traffic and the presence of vulnerable road users can sometimes mean that driving at the official speed limit is unsafe for the circumstances, and it is every driver's responsibility to ensure that their speed is appropriate for the prevailing conditions, as well as remaining legal.

Our Managing Speed module involves 75 minutes of one-to-one on-road training with an IAM RoadSmart expert, and is delivered in your own car at a time and place to suit you. It has been designed to give you the skills you need to effectively monitor and control your speed while driving, in order to maintain your safety and keep others safe around you.


Build the skills you need to effectively monitor and control your speed while driving

This on-road module takes around 75 minutes to complete

Friendly one-to-one advice and support from an IAM RoadSmart expert


Purchase your module and arrange a session to suit you

Our customer care team will assign you an instructor and contact you to arrange a suitable time and place for your session.

Meet your instructor and prepare for your drive

You will attend the session in your own vehicle. Every on-road session begins with essential eyesight and vehicle checks. And don't forget your driving licence! 

Take to the road for your module session

Your instructor will take you to an area appropriate for the module subject and observe your driving, identifying areas of focus and offering helpful hints.


Discussion of your areas for development, and tips on how you can improve your skills