Motorcycle Safety: Campaigning For Change

To Recognise Riders

Road safety organisations join the call for new protection for motorcyclists

As the UK’s largest road safety charity, we have launched a campaign, supported by organisations across the industry, to make the roads safer for motorcyclists - recognising them as vulnerable road users. 

This is why IAM RoadSmart is campaigning to raise awareness and drive change to stop these trends continuing.




Why are motorcycles important?

Motorcycles are an important form of transport, and they are growing in popularity. They have the potential to be a key factor in helping the UK realise its decarbonisation goals, through lower emissions and reducing congestion.

While many motorcyclists have created a strong community of people who enjoy taking to the roads on two wheels as a hobby, there are even more who ride motorcycles for commuting or as part of their job.




Motorcycles in numbers*

  • Motorcycles represent up to 3% of transport in some areas.
  • 1.4 million people regularly ride a motorcycle
  • 3 million people hold full motorcycle licences.  
  • Nearly 2/3 of motorcycle use is for commuting or other practical reasons.  
  • Motorcycle use has risen by 4.1% in recent years. 

*(Source: MCIA and NMC Parliamentary Briefing)



The data reveals that deaths involving motorcycles make up 20% of all deaths (2021).

Despite making up between 1-3 per cent of road users, motorcyclists are disproportionately vulnerable on the road, with one-in-five deaths on the road being a motorcyclist.


What are IAM RoadSmart asking for?


1. Recognise the benefits of motorcycles as a key step towards decarbonisation.

Part of this will include to not apply a 'one size fits all' approach to different road users for phasing out fossil-fuelled vehicles.


2. Help make advancements in safety equipment more accessible.

This can be done by taking the VAT off life-saving PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as air jackets, as they have already done with helmets. 


3. Work with us to help offer valuable training.

This training will be key to improve riding skills and foster a culture of safety and employee wellbeing for people who ride for work.

What do the public think?

We asked you: What do you think will have the biggest impact on motorcycling in the UK? 

Find the results below:

  • 49% of you voted for A recognition of the benefits of motorcycles as a key step towards decarbonisation
  • 29% of you voted for Work to improve riding skills for people who use a motorcycles for work
  • 22% of you voted for Making safety equipment more accessible by taking VAT off life-saving PPE such as air jackets

Sign Our Petition!

We call on the Government to scrap VAT on life-saving air vests which are currently subject to a 20% VAT rate. Other lifesaving equipment, like helmets, are either zero or lower-rated.

Download our leaflet

Please find below a motorcycle campaign leaflet which we will be launching in November. You can share this with your contacts to raise awareness, or simply use it to find out more about why this campaign is so important in protecting motorcyclists.

Our partners

We are proud to be joined by our valued partners working across the transport, motorcycle and safety sector in calling for a refocus on this issue, recognising motorcyclists as vulnerable road users.


North Coast 500




National Motorcyclists Council


North Coast 500


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Download our toolkit

Click here to download a toolkit for more information about IAM RoadSmart's motorcycle safety campaign to recognise riders.