Nigel's Mature Driver Review

Blog post posted on 01/02/23 |

You may have seen Nigel recently in our 'For the Road Ahead' video which focuses on the freedom that driving gives older drivers, and how a Mature Driver Review can aid this.

We spoke to Nigel to find out more about him, his driving experiences and what he thought of the Mature Driver Review.

Since passing his test in 1980 Nigel has had years of different driving experiences, some good some bad. He describes his current driving skills before the Mature Driver Review as reasonably good, but not excellent.

As someone who enjoys driving and uses his car daily, to get to and from work, in the light and driving back in the dark during winter, he thought it best to take up a Mature Driver Review to ensure his skills are still in check!

Nigel walking alongside his car 
Nigel admits in his first couple of years driving, he picked up some bad habits such as driving too fast combined with late braking and going too fast around corners. However, when he started a family and children were on board, he saw a change in his driving as he became more cautious.

When asking Nigel how he found the Mature Driver Review:

"I didn’t find any aspect challenging really. I was a little conscious of driving less well than I normally do, however a few minutes in, I was driving as normal. I liked the fact my assessor was a similar age, friendly and professional which made me feel at ease quickly which helped me relax”

After the session, Nigel was pleased to hear from our assessor that his driving was better than he expected! He was given a couple of helpful pointers for areas which could be improved and felt reassured his driving abilities are still at a good level keeping himself and others safe on the road.

A key takeaway for Nigel was “I am more aware of my speed when approaching a speed limit change. I now approach the change at the correct speed rather than slowing down after reaching the sign”.

When asked if he would recommend the Mature Driver Review Nigel said “I would definitely recommend the Mature Driver Review! I enjoyed it very much and it was a good assessment of my current driving abilities. For some people, it is easier for them to take recommendations from a professional body rather than friends and family. My wife was especially pleased that I’d been both assessed and had done well!”

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