Saving yourself money

Blog post posted on 08/03/23 |

With high fuel prices, MOT, tax, regular maintenance, and unexpected repair costs, IAM Roadsmart knows how expensive owning a car can get – and, in these uncertain times, many drivers are looking for ways to cut their motoring costs.

Petrol and diesel prices may have fallen in December, but groceries and energy prices are still on the rise. Despite the spiralling costs, there are numerous things you can do to cut down the amount you are spending on your motoring.

Shop around for fuel

The cheapest fuel is typically found at Supermarkets. Some newer cars allow you to see the price of petrol on your infotainment screen, but you can also find out which petrol stations offer the cheapest fuel by using websites such as It is also worth remembering to scan those loyalty cards because the more you build up your points, the more money-off vouchers you’ll receive.  

Keep your vehicle well maintained

Motorists could be saving themselves a small fortune by carrying out regular maintenance checks at home, with simple things such as checking oil and coolant levels, ensuring lights are working and making sure the tyre pressure and tread depth is safe before setting off on your journey.

Think about the way you drive.

Driving smoothly and steadily is key to maximising your car’s fuel efficiency. Avoid harsh acceleration and braking as these burn more fuel and try to anticipate what the traffic around you is going to do to help maintain a steady speed. 

IAM RoadSmart's Advanced courses will give you additional on-road knowledge and skills, above and beyond what is taught when you learn to drive.

Clear out the clutter

Ditch unnecessary weight and drag, such as bike racks and roof bars, and clear out any clutter that’s weighing your car down. The same also applies to any misshapen and ill-fitting bodywork. Open windows can also cause significant drag, so when travelling at higher speeds it can be more economical to use the air conditioning to keep cool.

Shop around for car insurance

Car insurance, particularly for younger drivers, can be one of the biggest costs when it comes to driving. When receiving a quote, try to haggle with your provider to reduce your overall costs. 

Check your tyre pressure

Make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure as stated in the car's manual. Underinflated tyres develop more rolling resistance than correctly inflated tyres, so you will have to work your engine slightly harder when there isn’t enough air in them.  An incorrectly inflated tyre will also affect your car's braking performance and is likely to wear prematurely or unevenly, meaning you will need to change them more often.

We understand that our simple hints and tips won’t offset the cost of potentially thousands of pounds worth of vehicle repairs. However, over time they can help to ease the cost of day-to-day motoring.